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Building on the success of the GameMax RPG Rampage 750W and 850W semi-modular 80 Plus Bronze power supplies, GameMax have upgraded both models to full-modular cabling, increasing airflow and improving the overall thermal performance.

The GameMax Rampage is built using the highest quality components to deliver Real Power Gaming to your PC. Not only is this power supply impressive in its performance but the components used in this power supply are components normally found in top tier brands without breaking the bank.
An excellent choice for basic systems and Gaming Rigs alike, or if you are simply looking to upgrade your current system, ideal for first time and experienced builders this is a power supply that is reliable, efficient and powerful enough to be the mainstay in your chosen build.

Key Features
  • Full-Modular Cabling - The full-modular RPG Rampage 750W and 850W comes with a set of flat black cables that can be customised to a users individual needs. The full-modular setup enables your system to include the cables required, the other cables that you do not use can be kept for any future upgrade or maintenance. The unused space within the chassis allows for reduced clutter and increased airflow, improving the overall cooling of your system. From a performance point of view full-modular cables are perfect but aesthetically they are as effective as they reduce the amount of space needed when powering your system.
  • 80 Plus Bronze Certification - The Rampage Range are 80 Plus Bronze 230V certified achieving an efficiency of up to 88 percent at a load of 50 percent.
  • Japanese TK Main Capacitor - With a Japanese TK main capacitor included in the Rampage delivers a reliable life expectancy and quality assurance.
  • Power - The Rampage Range offers some Real Gaming Power, with a single 12V rail for high compatibility and extreme high current output. The 80 Plus 230V EU Bronze efficiency enables your high end components to work to their full potential.
  • 14cm Cooling Fan - An ultra quiet 14cm cooling fan ensures the Rampage delivers not only quiet cooling but cooling that is effective guaranteeing a PSU that will run safely, smoothly and will last the distance.
  • High-End Compatibility - Four 6 + 2 PCIe and dual 4 + 4 connectors have been added for compatibility to high end graphics cards and CPUs.
  • Flat Black Cables - Improve your aesthetics flat black cables have been used to enable builders to easily manage and save space improving airflow and creating a great looking PC.
  • All Black Look - Black is the colour, with the all black finish and the flat black cables give your gaming PC a clean professional look.
  • Warranty - The GameMax Rampage PSU Range comes with 2 Years Warranty.

GameMax 750W RPG Rampage Fully Modular PSU, 80+ Bronze, Flat Black Cables,


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