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Smart Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply - Enjoy a maintenance-free security experience with the Tapo Solar Panel, which provides a continuous power supply and flexible installation.
  • Colour Night Vision - Reveals full-color images with built-in spotlights even at night.
  • 2K Live View - With a 2304x1296px  resolution, Tapo C410 KIT enhances your security by capturing more details than traditional 1080p.
  • Free AI Detection - Smart AI accurately identifies people, pets, and vehicles, reducing false alerts and unnecessary notifications.
  • Customizable Sound and Light Alarm - Record your own audio as an alarm and adjust the brightness for your customized use.
Solar, Wire-Free: Place Anywhere with Ease.

Effortlessly monitor your space wirelessly from any location, liberating yourself from outlet limitations. Embrace hassle-free security with the solar panel, providing flexible installation options for a maintenance-free experience.

Endless Power, Lifetime Security

Bye Batteries, No Wiring Hassles!
Ensures a lifetime of use without dealing with batteries, wiring, or recharging.
45 Minutes
of daily direct sunlight ensures all-day monitoring

Crisp Clear Details with 2K Clarity

Sharper visuals in 2K resolution surpass standard 1080p. Advanced exposure algorithms
dynamically correct overexposed areas for continuous high-quality imagery in real-time.

Full-Colour View, Day and Night

Achieve crystal-clear visibility of intruders, even in complete darkness, thanks to the large aperture lens and built-in spotlights. Capture vibrant color night vision up to 30ft away for enhanced security.

Custom Light and Sound Alarm

Craft your own audio alarm and tailor the intensity of the dual spotlights to fit your needs. Activate the integrated siren along with the spotlight alarm to deter unwelcome intruders effectively.

Adaptable Storage Solutions

Choose your preference from on-device microSD card storage, or Tapo Care cloud service. Tailor your security to suit your needs.

Local microSD Storage
Supports up to 512 GB microSD card (not included).

Tapo Care Cloud Service (purchased separately - free trial available) 
Receive rich notifications with snapshots, encrypted protection, data backups, and 30-day video clip history with Tapo Care cloud service

Built to Withstand Rain and Heat

Tapo C410 KIT boasts an IP65 rating, ensuring dust and water resistance. It can withstand various harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, dust, and bright sunshine, operating reliably in temperatures ranging from -4 to 113°F.

Privacy First

We prioritize your data security and privacy. Tapo Cam employs encrypted video, two-factor authentication, a comprehensive data defense system, and more to ensure your family's privacy.

Total Control, One App
Customizable Privacy Zones
Create privacy zones to further tailor your activity notifications: Define important areas like your driveway or front door for continuous monitoring and exclude areas like your neighbor's property.
Smart Playback
Swiftly find and download the moments of interest by choosing the event type or sliding the timeline.
Tapo Sharing
Share memorable moments or distribute access to your Tapo security devices with those who matter most.

Talk Through the Camera

Interact with guests or delivery carriers remotely through clear, two-way audio, offering convenience even when you're away.

Voice Activated View

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Tapo C410 KIT enables you to check on your backyard via voice commands.

Keep Protecting All the Time

Even during a storm, power outage, or Wi-Fi disruption, Tapo C410 KIT continues to record, ensuring consistent security.


TP-LINK (TAPO C410 KIT) Smart Wire-Free 2K Outdoor Security Camera & Solar


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