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MX BRIO 705 For Business

Premium 4K webcam with AI-powered image enhancement

Outstanding Performance, Stunning Design
MX Brio 705 for Business offers a superior 4K video experience with a striking aesthetic. Perfect for skilled professionals and executives and designed for sustainability, this webcam delivers visual excellence in a product IT can feel good about.
Brilliant Clarity With Ai
Appear confident and in control on video calls. AI image enhancement provides a clear and natural image and ensures your face is naturally lit in various lighting conditions. Adjustable field of view options4Enabled with Logi Tune. Logi Tune is available on Windows and macOS at let users control what's shown on screen.
Superior Image Quality
MX Brio 705 for Business features the largest, back-illuminated image sensor of our webcams, powered by Sony STARVIS technology. It also includes a custom-designed lens and 70% larger sensor pixel5Compared to Logitech Brio to deliver superior image quality, even in low-light conditions.
More Natural Colour
MX Brio 705 for Business includes RightLight 5 with HDR technology and face-based image enhancement. The camera automatically adjusts to bright and low-light environments, while representing skin tones more accurately.
Always In Focus
Fast, accurate autofocus responds quickly and refocuses instantly on your face as you adjust your position in front of the camera. MX Brio 705 for Business uses advanced closed-loop autofocus technology to deliver the clearest image possible.
Designed For Stability
Add a modern touch to video meetings. Solid milled, low-carbon aluminium made with renewable energy gives the webcam a contemporary look while also reducing the product's carbon footprint. Plastic components contain a minimum 82% post-consumer recycled plastic.
Intelligent Meeting Experiences
Advanced features help employees feel more present in video meetings. Auto-framing7Enabled with Logi Tune. Logi Tune is available on Windows and macOS at keeps the camera on you while Show Mode8Enabled with Logi Tune. Logi Tune is available on Windows and macOS at lets you easily share physical items on a call. Dual beamforming mics focus on and enhance your voice.
Stay Centered
RightSight auto-framing. Logi Tune is available on Windows and macOS at automatically detects and centers the camera on users when they speak and move during meetings, as if you had a cameraperson filming you.
Share Your Work
Show Mode10Enabled with Logi Tune. Logi Tune is available on Windows and macOS at allows employees to easily share physical items in video calls by simply tilting the camera down to present sketches, objects, and work in progress.
Filter Out The Noise
Dual beamforming mics filter out background sounds to ensure employees are heard clearly, even in noisy environments.

Logitech BRIO 705 4K UHD 8.5MP HDR Webcam, USB-C, AI Image Enhancement,

SKU: 960-001530

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