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CORSAIR WS DDR5 ECC RDIMM Memory combines the trusted reliability required for Workstations with the exceptional performance found in top-tier systems.

Carefully screened chips are expertly tested to ensure exceptional performance, with tight timings and high frequencies providing the bandwidth your CPU needs to handle complex tasks faster than ever. The DDR5 registered DIMMs support Error Correction Code (ECC) to detect and correct errors reliably, while AMD EXPO & Intel XMP support makes it easy to set your memory to its rated speed for peak performance. 
  • Designed for Workstations: High-performance, reliable DDR5 memory designed for high-end workloads and applications.
  • AMD EXPO & Intel XMP 3.0 Compatible ECC RDIMMs: Complete tasks quicker thanks to high-frequencies and tight timings with ECC Registered DDR5 Memory.
  • Rigorously tested: Carefully selected and screened modules ensure you can reliably reach the performance you need.
  • Simple Setup with AMD EXPO & Intel XMP 3.0: Easily set your memory to its rated speed and performance with a simple BIOS setting. A heatspreader ensures high performance even under extreme loads.
  • Wide Compatibility: Optimized for Workstation processors
  • Improved Efficiency: Keep up with the demands of the latest applications and data sets with improved efficiencies and lower latencies.
  • Full ECC Support: Errors are detected and corrected on the fly to improve data accuracy and reliability.
  • Cool running: PGS cooling helps spread heat across the memory chips and PMIC to ensure the DRAM runs cool.


Corsair WS 64GB Kit (4 x 16GB), DDR5, 5600MT/s, CL40, 1.25V, Overclockable,

SKU: CMA64GX5M4B5600Z40

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