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Hama "Ergonomic" Mouse Pad, Mini, black

You know the feeling - pain in the mouse arm radiating all the way to your back? It's the equivalent of tennis elbow for people working at computer workstations. A mouse pad with an integrated wrist rest relieves the strain on your mouse hand and also your back because then you are no longer in a tensed-up position.
  • Memory foam adapts to fit the shape of your wrist during use perfectly to prevent wrist pain
  • Padding reduces pressure points and therefore prevents pain in the wrist
  • Mouse pad with ergonomic wrist rest ensures comfort and stability
  • Resilient fabric surface
  • Non-slip, rubber-coated underside


Hama Ergonomic Mini Mouse Pad, Memory Foam Wrist Rest, Non-slip Base, 200 x 230

SKU: 54777

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