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The ROG Hone Ace XXL is an extra-large-sized gaming mouse pad with a base made out of an extra-soft, anti-slip rubber, and has a hybrid cloth surface designed for consistency and optimal control, while being water-, oil- and dust-repellent.

  • Ultimate anti-slip base: High-density polyurethane material that grips onto the desk to provide extraordinary stability
  • Extra-cushioning: Soft, 3mm-thick base for comfort and the right amount of bounce feedback
  • Optimized mousing surface: Hybrid cloth surface ensures smooth movement and provides adequate friction for precise feedback
  • Protective nano coating: Water-, oil- and dust-repellent surface is easy to clean and maintain
  • Table-sized for wider swipes: Extended size at 900 x 400 mm for more room to maneuver 

Sharpen Your Aim
Sharpen your aim with the ROG Hone Ace XXL gaming mouse pad. It has a hybrid-cloth surface designed for superior control and a protective nano coating for durability. The base of the Hone Ace XXL is made of memory-foam polyurethane, which provides excellent bounce feedback and keeps the mousepad securely in position in the most heated moments.

We Got You Covered
Measuring 900 x 400 mm, the ROG Hone Ace XXL provides plenty of room for flexibility, especially for players who need ample movement space with lower mouse DPI settings.

A Mouse Pad That Grips
Experience stability like never before, with every intense flick and swipe. The ultimate anti-slip base is made of an innovative polyurethane material - a high-density memory foam that ensures the mousepad spreads out and adheres seamlessly onto your desk while providing extra cushioning for excellent stopping power.

Extreme Stability

A base that grips securely onto the desktop

Excellent Control
Incredible feedback that provides room for micro mechanics and instant stopping

Extra Cusioning at 3mm
Apart from upgraded comfort, the softness of the base material smooths out hand jitters for a more consistent performance

Smoother Glides. Precise Stops.
The hybrid cloth fabric provides a textured surface with optimal friction, balanced in both fast glides and stopping power for accurate control. Near-perfect uniform tracking along the X and Y axis means that movements in all directions are smooth and consistent, making it ideal for tracking practices.

Water-, Oil- and Dust-Repellent Surface

The military-grade protective nanocoating on the ROG Hone Ace XXL guards against accidental spills. It's easy to clean and maintain for a consistent and responsive tracking surface that holds up over time.

Asus ROG Hone Ace XXL Gaming Mouse Pad, Anti Slip Base, Extra Cushioning, 900 x

SKU: 90MP03G0-BPUA00

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