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3m 6 Port Horizontal 1U PDU With UK Plug

UK horizontal Power Distribution Units (PDU's) provide a reliable power distribution from a mains supply or uninterpretable power supply (UPS). They are suitable to fit in a standard 19-Inch rack or cabinet.

  • Sockets - 6
  • Cable Feed - 3M
  • Weight of PDU - 1.1kg to 1.15kg
  • Net Length of PDU - 490mm
  • Net Width of PDU - 60mm
  • Net Depth of PDU - 45mm
  • PDU Max Power - 3250W
  • Output Rating - 13A
  • Overall Rating - 16A
  • Input Frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Acceptable Input Voltage - 250VAC


Spire 6 Port Horizontal 1U Power Distribution Unit, 13 Amp, 3M Cable, Black


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