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ASUS ZenScreen MB229CF portable monitor - 22-inch (21.5 viewable) FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS technology, 100Hz, USB-C PD 60W, speakers, carrying handle/kickstand design, C-clamp, partition hook, sub-woofer, 2.1 channel audio, green sustainability

  • 22-inch FHD IPS display with sleek, ultraslim profile and 2.2 kg overall weight enable effortless portability
  • Multiple stand options and accessories, including an integrated carrying handle/kickstand, height-adjustable C-clamp with Z-axis adjustment, and partition hook kit for flexible placement
  • Rich connectivity options include a full-function USB-C with 60-watt power delivery, HDMI, and earphone jack
  • Powerful 2.1-channel audio with subwoofer for exceptionally well-balanced audio
  • Environmentally friendly design with ENERGY STAR-certified energy efficiency, and packaged in FSC certified paper

Redefine Your Workspace
ASUS ZenScreen MB229CF is designed to give multitasking a boost, with its large, frameless 21.5-inch FHD panel smooth 100Hz refresh rate. Its sleek 4.9mm profile and light 2.2 kg weight ensure effortless portability around the home, office, or co-working spaces. Plus, multiple stand options offer complete versatility, so you can configure MB229CF to meet any need. Its versatility lets you turn any space into a productive nook.

Make the most out of any workstation
ZenScreen MB229CF has an integrated carrying handle that doubles as a kickstand to prop the monitor at various angles for comfortable viewing. MB229CF also includes an ergonomic C-clamp arm and a bundled partition hook kit. The arm offers Z-axis adjustment for comfortable viewing positions, while the hook kit enables versatile placement for those looking to maximize desktop space so it's perfect for any confined area.

Design with ergo in mind
Fold-out kickstand
The carrying handle does double duty as a handy kickstand to securely prop ZenScreen MB229CF up at 12-60° on any flat surface, ensuring comfortable viewing angles. It's perfect for multitasking or for demonstrations to small groups.
The unique partition hook kit helps you free up precious desktop space by enabling you to hang ZenScreen MB229CF from cubicle partitions or dividers. Offering 150 mm of height adjustment, the hanger kit lets you raise or lower the screen to eye level for perfect viewing.
C-clamp arm
The C-clamp arm allows you to tilt and pan ZenScreen MB229CF for ideal viewing at eye level. It offers -5°-20° tilt, -90-90° swivel, -90-90° pivot, and extension/retraction adjustments of up to 144mm. A quick-release mechanism allows you to easily mount or detach the monitor from the stand.

Full connectivity

A variety of I/O ports ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices. Integrated USB-C connectivity provides audiovisual signal transmission along with 60-watt power delivery, and HDMI and an earphone jack offer convenience.
You can power MB229CF with single USB-C connection without adapter plugged-in (monitor brightness will be limited)

Big on convenience

ZenScreen MB229CF is larger than most portable monitors, and its frameless FHD IPS panel delivers up to 22-inch stunning diagonal visuals and wide, 178° viewing angles.
The anti-glare panel reduces reflections and glare, enabling you to comfortably work near a window or share content with a group.
And with its 2.2 kg design and carrying handle, MB229CF makes hotdesking easy so any space can be transformed into a productive work area.

Immersive audiovisuals for work and play

With 2.1 channel audio speakers deliver incredible sound, so you can enjoy immersive audio when watching videos, listening to music, or when gaming.

ASUS Eye Care technology

ASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light technology protects you from potentially harmful blue light emissions. Included special features are especially beneficial to those who spend extended hours in front of a display.
ASUS Blue Light Filter
The TUV Rheinland-certified ASUS Blue Light Filter can be easily engaged via the onscreen display menu, with an intuitive slider allowing you to set your preferred filter level. All ASUS displays undergo stringent performance tests, and ZenScreen monitors have been certified by TUV Rheinland laboratories, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services.
ASUS Flicker Free technology
TUV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker Free technology eliminates flicker, ensuring comfortable viewing experiences. This technology helps minimize eyestrain and other ailments typically associated with extended hours of viewing.

Sustaining an Incredible Future
Environmental Certification
ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor is stringently tested to meet the requirements of world-leading sustainability certifications. These tests include a comprehensive database of up-to-date criteria, independent verification, and a structured system for continuous improvement.
Eco-friendly Packaging
ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor is FSC Mix-certified, thanks to its sustainable packaging. An exclusive insert-molding process gives the monitor its light weight and thin profile while, cutting down on materials used. The Eco-Friendly Packaging-Paper-based materials is not only light weight and overall volume is as low as possible, for more

Asus 21.5" Portable IPS Monitor (ZenScreen MB229CF), 1920 x 1080, USB-C PD


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