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Increase Your Ventilation

Even if you don't have enough fan headers on your motherboard, the 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable allows you to connect up to 4 case fans to a single header. If this is not enough, ARCTIC also offers the Case Fan Hub, an accessory that has 10 fan slots and is powered directly by SATA power.

Improved Cable Management

The 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable makes it easier to manage your cables, allowing you to easily place fans at any position in your case. The 70 cm distance to the first fan connector allows you to run the cable in an area of the case where it is not visible.

Synchronous Fan Control

Your configured PWM signal will be synchronously sent to all fans which are connected to the 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable. The RPM of the first fan socket will be read out and fed back to your system.


Minimal Cross-Section - Maximum Flexibility

ARCTIC uses the same materials for the 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable as for the case fan cables. These materials have proven to be durable and flexible. Additional sheathing was intentionally omitted in order to keep the cross-section small. This allows the cables to be incorporated inconspicuously into the existing cable management system and also to be routed through narrow areas of the case.

Voltage Control Is Also Possible

The 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable is also compatible with 3-pin fans and connectors. This allows the fan speed to be controlled via the voltage and is passed on to all connected fans. As with 4-pin PWM fans, the speed of the first fan is read out, while the fourth pin remains free.



Arctic 4-pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable - PST Splitter Cable for 4 Case Fans


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