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Tapo Smart Hub

  • Up to 64+4 Devices – Connect more devices (up to 64 switches*, sensors, or buttons + 4 cameras or doorbells) to create your home's smart ecosystem. Works with Tapo C420, Tapo C400, Tapo D230, and more.
  • Smart Alarm & Chime – Works with your smart cameras (Tapo C420, Tapo C400), video doorbells (Tapo D230), and sensors as a smart alarm or chime when motion is detected or a visitor arrives.
  • Local microSD Storage – Save recorded videos from your cameras or video doorbells to the hub-installed microSD card (up to 512 GB) (sold separately).
  • 19 Ringtone Options – Multiple built-in ringtones (up to 90dB) for your customized scenarios.
  • Low-Power Wireless – Helps your smart sensors and buttons last up to 10 times longer by adopting an ultra-low power wireless protocol.
  • Voice Control - Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for hands-free automation.

Build Your Tapo Security Ecosystem

Smart living starts here with up to 64 smart sensors, buttons or switches + 4 cameras or video doorbells connected to your smart home ecosystem*.

All Devices in One Hub

Connect up to 64 Sub-1G switches, sensors, or buttons + 4 cameras or video doorbells*.

Smart Alarm & Chime

Use the hub as a smart alarm or chime to protect your home security by coordinating with your Tapo smart cameras, video doorbells, sensors, buttons, and more.**

Local microSD Storage

Save recorded videos from your smart cameras and video doorbells to a microSD card†(up to 512 GB), ensuring you to never miss anything.

Ultra-Low Power Wireless

An ultra-low power wireless protocol significantly extend your usage ensuring battery-powered devices last up to 10 times longer.**

Reliable Smart Actions

No more fumbling in the dark with your hallway or bedroom lights turn on automatically as you pass by the sensor** paired with your hub. Create more smart actions and enjoy reliable hands-free home automation.

Voice Activated

Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for hands-free life.

Schedule & Timer

Set your own schedule for multiple scenarios to get an automatic smart life.

19 Ringtone Options

Multiple built-in ringtones(bark, siren, doorbell, and more) and adjustable volume for your customized scenarios.

*Tapo H200 only supports sub-g devices working in specified frequency bands: 863.35MHz, 864.35MHz, 868.35MHz
**Smart sensors or buttons sold separately.


TP-LINK (TAPO H200) Smart Hub Alarm & Chime, Connect up to 64+4 Devices,


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