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1-Port Gigabit GPON Terminal

  • Quality of Service - Quality of Service control for transaction prioritization and bandwidth management
  • Durability - Intelligent power-saving method
  • Easy Remote Management - TR-069 protocol enables an operator to remotely configure and manage end-user devices
  • Full Gigabit Port - Fiber access and gigabit port provide incredibly fast transfer speeds
High-Speed GPON Service

Compliant with the ITU-T G.984 GPON standards, XZ000-G3 supports maximum data rates of up
to 2.488Gbps downstream, 1.244Gbps upstream.

Make Fiber-to-the-Home Yours

TP-Link’s XZ000-G3 is a Gigabit Passive Optical Network(GPON) terminal, ideal for Fiber-to-the-Home solution.

Full Gigabit Port

One GPON port and one Gigabit Ethernet port, the XZ000-G3 provides high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure smooth VoIP, HD video streaming experiences.

Ease of Use

Quick and hassle-free installation



TP-LINK Aginet (XZ000-G3) 1-Port Gigabit GPON Terminal, QoS, Remote Management

SKU: XZ000-G3

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