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Hama C-Laeta USB Flash Drive, Type-C USB 3.1/USB 3.0, 32 GB, 40 MB/s, silver

This flash drive comes with a USB-C connection and has no right-side up, i.e. there is no fiddling with the proper orientation. Since it can be used as a USB-A connector as well it is also the perfect choice for devices that do not have a USB-C interface yet. Brilliant!

  • Allows direct recording and playback of films in FullHD
  • No more bothersome trying out: USB-C plugs can be plugged in at will
  • High-quality and robust metal casing
  • This removable storage medium with a USB-C 3.0 connection and a USB 3.0/USB 3.1 (Gen 1) connection allows data to be written and erased as many times as is required
  • Compact stick with a stylish silver aluminium casing
  • With a cap for both connections
  • Suitable for terminal devices with a USB-C connection and a USB interface
  • Ultra fast removable storage medium
  • Universally usable thanks to the USB type A plug and USB-C plug combination

Hama C-Laeta 32GB USB-A/USB-C Memory Pen, Metal Casing, OTG, 40 MB/s


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