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Designed to be dust proof and water resistant, can be cleansed household cleaners. Plus, its unique design ensures that it stays comfortable in your hand for longer periods of time!

Complies With IP68 Class
You can't go wrong with the KSM-5030M-W. It's a mouse that can be used in any environment, with a design of IP68 in mind. It's perfect for industrial, labs, and any other environment.

Scrolling Touch Sensor
The touch-sensitive scroll wheel is perfect for people who are comfortable scrolling the wheel just like a real mouse, but may not want to compromise on cleanability.
Perfect For Industrial, Medical Environments
If you're in a dusty, wet, or otherwise hazardous environment, you need the KSM-5030M-W. This mouse is designed for IP68 protection and can be used in any environment. It's perfect for industrial, labs environments.

Icy Box Keysonic (KSM-5030M-W) Waterproof Silicone Mouse, USB, IP68, Dust


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