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Software Controlled RGB-LED Controller

Intuitive Software
The RGB controller is connected to the mainboard via an internal USB Header and controlled by ARCTIC's RGB software. Without using the software, the entire colour spectrum runs sequentially.
Full Control Even without an RGB-Capable Motherboard
The RGB controller functions completely independently and allows RGB products to be controlled even without a corresponding motherboard. It is simply connected to the motherboard via an internal USB header.

4 Autonomous 4-Pin Connectors
The RGB controller has four standardised RGB 4-pin connectors, which can be used to connect and control not only ARCTIC's own RGB products. These can be synchronised or controlled independently of each other.

Versatile Effect Selection
The controller has several pre-configured and adjustable lighting modes. This allows the lighting of the system to be individually adapted to one's own taste. The presets include: Rainbow, Breathe, Colour Shift and a Music mode.

Arctic Software Controlled RGB-LED Controller, 4x Autonomous 4-Pin Connectors,


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