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Rules are made to be broken. Smashing the conventions of what a mini-ITX motherboard can do, the ROG Strix Z790-I’s power delivery rivals that of full-scale titans and its stacked thermal array is more than a match for multi-core behemoths.

ROG Strix Z790-I expands the boundaries of connectivity, with the innovative ROG Hive, a hybrid audio and USB hub with an added twist - an AI Overclocking button makes tuning so easy, it feels like cheating.


  • AI Overclocking - Effortless performance boost
  • AI Cooling II - One-click fan tuning
  • PCIe 5.0 - PCIe 5.0 x16 slot and onboard M.2
  • ROG Hive - Audio, I/O, and controls at arm's reach
  • 10 + 1 Power Stages - Robust power solution
  • DDR5 Memory - 7600+ MT/s, AEMP II, XMP
  • Stacked Heatsink
  • DIY Friendly
  • Thunderbolt 4
  • WiFi 6E



All-Round Performance
Throughout its compact frame, the Strix Z790-I teems with engineering tweaks that boost CPU and memory performance and lay a potent foundation for full-size SSDs and graphics cards.

Tuning is now faster and smarter than ever before. ASUS AI Overclocking profiles the CPU and cooling to predict the optimal configuration and push the system to its limits. Predicted values can be engaged automatically or used as a launching ground for further experimentation.

PCIe 5.0
The ROG Strix Z790-I offers end-to-end PCIe 5.0 support with a unique twist. Both the x16 expansion slot and one of the onboard M.2 slots are Gen 5-ready, but that M.2 slot has additional PCIe 4.0 routing to the chipset.
This allows the user to choose how to prioritize their throughput: if the M.2 slot is in Gen 5 mode, it can scale up to 16 GB/s read and write speeds. If the M.2 slot uses PCIe 4.0, all of the Gen 5 bandwidth is allocated to the expansion slot for unfettered graphics card performance.

Power Design
  • 10 + 1 power stages each rated to 105A deliver ample current to drive the most powerful Intel 13th Gen processors through any workload with ease.
  • Hi-end chokes and durable capacitors are engineered to resist extreme temperatures, enabling performance that exceeds industry standards.
  • A ProCool II connector is precision-built to ensure flush contact with PSU power lines. A metal sheath improves heat dissipation and lowers electrical impedance.
  • A multi-layered printed circuit board design quickly dissipates heat around the voltage regulators to improve overall system stability and provide the CPU with more overclocking headroom.

ROG has a long legacy of flexing the fastest memory performance, and DDR5 is no outlier. Thanks to improved signal routing, now enthusiast-grade kits have been driven far beyond the 7 GT/s mark on the Strix Z790-I, and who knows how far future DIMMs can go? Seasoned veterans can test their mettle by tinkering with the extensive array of tuning options in the UEFI.
ASUS Enhanced Memory Profile (AEMP) is an exclusive hardware and firmware solution to overclock generic memory modules. AEMP’s second version allows for automatic tuning of kits during system startup and leverages the PCB trace optimizations of the Strix Z790-I to push frequencies higher than ever before. AEMP II can even overclock mixed kits in a quad-DIMM arrangement, and the vast library of support now extends to nearly every DDR5 module that does not otherwise have XMP support.

  • Substantial heatsinks cover the power solution, bolstered by a quiet thermal system that intakes from the core and outputs heat upwards through a ventilated top, so the VRM stays cool even in air-restricted systems.
  • On-board M.2 slots are sandwiched between thick heatsinks over the chipset in a clever space-saving arrangement. Thermal efficiency is ensured by a miniature active cooling solution so high-performance drives maintain peak performance.
  • Positioned near the top of the motherboard, a PWM/DC fan header gives easy access for CPU coolers.
  • A dedicated PWM/DC header connects self-contained water-cooling setups.
  • The Strix Z790-I features a chassis fan header that auto-detects any PWM or DC fan connected to it.
Leading Connectivity
The ATX experience thoughtfully scaled into mini-ITX: grace your desktop with the ROG Strix Hive for superb audio and control, build easier with the ROG FPS-II card, and make faster connections with the latest Thunderbolt and WiFi support.

ROG Strix Hive
The all-new ROG Strix Hive brings critical controls and I/O within arm's reach, moving them from the cramped quarters of an SFF chassis to a compact peripheral that sits on the desktop. DIY-friendly buttons and diagnostic LEDs are brought front and center along with a large volume dial. On the sides, a varied group of I/O ports handle audio input and output and provide convenient connectivity for grab-and-go peripherals.

The ROG FPS-II card groups I/O onto a vertically-mounted card, saving valuable on-board space and tidying cable management. Connections can be made before the card is installed, greatly simplifying installation in cramped quarters. On board are two SATA ports, front panel headers, two USB 2.0 headers (allowing for up to three USB 2.0 connections), a CPU_OV jumper for extreme overclocking, and an Alteration mode switch.

Two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C® Ports
Each port delivers up to 40 Gbps of bidirectional bandwidth for the latest super-speed devices and drives. Both ports can be employed for up to two external 4K displays, and PCIe bandwidth extends to up to 32 Gbps.

WiFi 6E
Onboard WiFi 6E technology takes advantage of newly available spectrum in the 6 GHz band to provide up to seven 160 MHz channels for ultrafast throughput and better performance in dense wireless environments.

Intel 2.5G Ethernet
Low-latency gaming, speedy file transfers, and high-resolution video streaming are among the many perks of onboard Intel® 2.5 Gbps Ethernet.


Asus ROG STRIX Z790-I GAMING WIFI, Intel Z790, 1700, Mini ITX, 2 DDR5, HDMI, 2


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